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Your bridal makeup experience is about bringing out your inherent beauty on your special day. Frequently asked questions from brides often centre on the durability of the makeup, ensuring it can withstand tears of joy and varying weather conditions. Brides often seek advice on striking the perfect balance between a radiant appearance soft glam or full glam look. You might wonder about makeup styles that harmonize with your wedding theme, dress, and personal taste. Questions about makeup trials, pre-wedding skincare routines, and the value of hiring a professional makeup artist are common concerns. I'm here to ensure that your bridal makeup journey is not only flawless but also tailored to reflect your unique style and vision for this memorable occasion.

Will I need a trial ? 

YES a Bridal Makeup Trial is a great way for you to meet your artist. Your trial will take approx 1.5 hours at your trial we talk about your theme, what the weather may be on your day , the style of makeup you prefer, skin prep in the lead up, touchup products, timeline on the day, your bridal party makeup and we will do one bridal look for you to wear and assess / monitor afterwards. I will always follow up with some feedback on foundation, lip colour and eyeshadow/lashes. 

When Should I have a trial?

Typically, I recommend scheduling your bridal makeup trial three months before your wedding. This time frame ensures the look is fresh in both our minds and aligns with current trends. It also allows ample time for another trial if needed. 

How long will my Makeup take on my wedding day?

I normally allow 1 hour per person and 1.5 hours for the bride. 

Do you have a minimum to travel for Bridal Makeup?

My minimum mobile is 4 people - if you require makeup for less than 4 i can accomodate this at my Studio. You will be quoted on the Travel fee and this depends on the location you get ready on the day.

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