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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Show Glam and Tan

How do I register for Glam and tan services with TKMUA?

Upon deciding what show you are competing in, select the Show, be sure to check off the Package you decide and a time preference for your Base coat appointment.

Where do I go for my pre tan?

Base coats are located eat the rear of Culture Fitness in Wanneroo. Situated on Calabrese Avenue Wanneroo.

unless Tracey K is onsite somewhere else (you will have been notified of this via email) PRE TAN will take 10 minutes. 

How do I know what package to choose?

For Men there are two options (1, full package with all the required coats and all the touchups and glaze) (2, If you don't require the base coat and just need the top coat tans on the day of the show. 

For Ladies there is numerous packages depending on what you require on the day. We specialise in the entire package from head to toe. 

-Makeup, tanning and Hairstyling (great if you want it all done in the one place) 

-Makeup only 

-Makeup and Tanning 

-Makeup and Hairstyling 

Do I need to wash off my pre tan?

No your pre tan is required to stay on unless your tanning technician says otherwise.

When will I be sent my schedule for my Glam and or Tanning services purchased?

Schedules will be sent 1 week prior to your show date. Check emails for important mail.

How do I pay the balance of my purchase?

The balance of your package is due and payable at 4 weeks prior to your show date, in which you will be sent an email detailing how to proceed with this payment.

What do I wear to my appointment?

We recommend wearing dark and loose fitting clothing to your tanning appointments, 100% cotton is highly recommended.

If I pull out of my show can I get a refund ?

Unfortunately your $50 booking fee is Non refundable and NON transferable.AS PER terms and conditions you have agreed to upon booking. 

Are touchups included?

Tanning Touch-ups are included for each client and for each show where the team is on site. For hygiene reasons you are required to supply your own small black towel if you are prone to sweating.
Makeup and hair touchups are not included nor required. Ladies be sure to pack a backstage kit with lipstick and essentials in case your day is long.

How will I know what appointment time I need?

For your competition day appointment our scheduler will ensure your times coincide with your stage time and work well for you. If you have any preferred requiring times you can put this in your notes at the checkout stage of the booking process.

How long have you been doing this for?

Tracey Kaye has been in the industry for 15 years, and 10 + years servicing competitors and getting clients stage ready. 
Team TK are all Trained and HIGHLY experienced with stage glam and tan. 
Servicing many federations and working closely with federation organisers to ensure smooth and efficient backstage vibes!

What do I do to prepare my skin for tanning?

Ensure you are exfoliating your skin daily from 4 weeks out from your show. Moisturise twice daily.

On the day of your Base tan ensure your don't exfoliate at least 6 hours prior or shave body hair to close to you may cut yourself. Shower 3 hours prior and don't use any deodorant or moisturisers on your last shower before the FIRST COAT OF TAN. 

How do I remove my body hair for my show tan?

Ensure you are removing body hair at least from the 2 week out mark to ensure you cover your entire body. shaving is best and least evasive, rather than using hair removal cream and wax. 

WAXING, ensure you do this only to areas that have been waxed before. You don't want to be burnt or end up with rashes too close to getting your tanning done. 

Dont shave 6 hours or less before your first initial base tan. 

Washing hair, getting nails and toes done?

These need to be done prior to your FIRST COAT OF TAN. 
Wash and blow dry hair before and get nails and toenails done prior to your PRE TAN appointment

Touchups and Glaze


Tan Touch ups & Glaze happen once you are dressed and ready in your line up top go on stage. Please be careful around liquids especially using the bathroom and always have a towel at the ready for if you sweat and need to pat down areas such as Your underarms. 

Remember hygiene is so important so BYO towel. 

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