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Tracey- Kaye Makeup

Perth Bridal Makeup Artist & Perth Fitness Glam 

Welcome to Tracey-Kaye Makeup, where beauty meets expertise with 15 years of passion-filled experience. I thrive on all things glam, and my dedication to creating stunning looks extends to bridal, photo shoots, events, and special occasions. Renowned in Perth for my Fitness Glam, I've carved a niche in the industry. Nestled north of the river in Hocking, my studio is a haven where beauty transformations unfold. I find joy in accentuating the unique beauty of each client, and my commitment is to provide everyone with an unforgettable and exceptional experience. Let's bring your vision to life, one glamorous moment at a time.


Occasion/Event Makeup & Waves

Photo Shoots


Fitness Shows


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


Lets Chat

Tracey-Kaye Makeup 

Hi Beautiful, I'm so happy you are here.

Tracey Kaye Makeup Artist was founded on the ideals of empowerment and inspiration. Today, I still believe and operate my business based off of those ideals; Every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. I am passionate about transforming lives through the art of makeup. I have been a professional makeup artist in Perth Australia since 2008, and love the work I get to do each and every day.
The TK studio is base in Hocking/Perth -but is also Mobile based for Bridal and Large groups.



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