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Wedding Makeup / HOW will my My makeup last all day and night???

Soft glam or full glam / natural or Smokey / Glowy dewy full coverage and sooooo much more ..

The options are endless and sometimes a little confusing.

As a pro makeup artist one of the most common bridal trial questions I get is… “will the makeup last”

There are so many reasons why makeup lasts or doesn’t last and here’s a few little hot tips to Help you decide what style of makeup to go for on your big day but also how to make it last the ceremony and reception fun.

  • What time of the year are you getting married ? Summer, winter, spring? are you travelling to a destination wedding? The season to which you chose can have a massive impact on bridal makeup. Obviously a summer wedding you’ll need to ensure your coverage is going to withhold the heat and humidity. Be aware that a dewy makeup may look dewy for the initial few hours then as the day goes on can become shiny/oily prone (pack a touch up kit for this scenario) or opt for a Matte finish Look That will last through the summer heat.

  • What skin type are you? Oily, Dry combo? Make Sure your artist knows this and that you have the Primers, foundation and powders to suit your skin type. You could also chat to a dermatologist in the months leading up to your wedding day to start a skin care journey to assist you if you have any concerns.

  • What to pack in a touch up kit? Touch up kits don’t have to be big, here’s a few products to have in your bag and ready to go if you feel the need to touch up your glam. Pressed powder, blotting tissues, QTips to remove any mascara or under eye fall down. Fix plus spray to spritz on the face to refresh makeup. lip liner, gloss and your fave lipstick.

Most if all have a trial or two if your concerned, they are worth it and you’ll be glammed some extra times : book these trials and have a date night or girls night, test out the longevity and report back to your artist. Don’t be afraid to give your constructive report back to your artist as we are always open to it and want to ensure you are the happiest on your special day .

Written by Tracey-Kaye Australian - Pro Makeup Artist

IG : @traceykayemakeup

Skin referral @yoraesthetics

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