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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

So you're getting married, you've organised everything in the lead up to your big day, the wedding dress, the vendors, the flowers, you've booked your makeup artist but now what?

Whether your wedding day is HOT or Cold or somewhere in between you'll need some touchup makeup products for your kit. Ive been servicing Perth Brides for 14 years and I have accumulated so many tips and tricks along the way, one thing Ive learnt is that every bride needs a little touchup throughout the day.

I have many BUT heres my TOP 3 PICKS you need in your touchup bag.

  • Lipstick, It can be any colour don't stress if its not the same as what your artist has used. you'll need a lippie touchup numerous times a day, there will be champagne drinking, kissing, laughing and some awkward smiling for the photographer. I always say pack a nice shade of pink, mauve or peachy tones depending on you and your skin tone. Even a Gloss is perfect for a quick touchup and to plump the lips before some epic wedding photos.

  • Pressed transcluscent powder, You may be a shiny prone oily T zone kinda girl, you might also be a babe that smiles a lot and might get some baby bunnie crinkles around your nose? have a pressed transcluscent ready to incase you feel shiny, oily or crinkly. It will be your best friend on your wedding day

  • Fix plus spray, OHHHH this is a BIG must have - you can easily spritz your face throughout the day and reset your makeup. this will be your bestie. AND MAC cosmetics have created mini sized ones you can fit in your purse. This is such a great little wedding assistant that can rest foundation that you may have been in since the wee early hours of the morning.

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