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Preparing yourself for a Photo Shoot - MY TOP 5 TIPS

Have you ever thought about doing a photo shoot but just too scared or dont know where to begin?

heres my top tips to get the best PHOTOSHOOT of your life.

Take a look at my TOP 5 TIPS to get the most out of your next Photo shoot ....

  1. Book a photographer - research people you follow in your state or close to where you live, ask for rates, packages and availability.

  2. Book and locate an amazing venue, this can be a studio, air bnb, hotel room or beach location. Converse with the photographer as they may have locations they work with.

  3. Book a Makeup & Hair stylist - when booking an artist make sure they are a referred artist or someone that the photographer works with often, this is great for overall easthetic of the shoot and a team thats unbeatable will ensure your images and your experience is 100%. Hire an artist that possibly works from a home studio close to where the photo shoot or you are located so you can allow for less travelling. Make sure the artist has done shoot makeup and hair before and going to the one person for both services will save you time running around.

  4. Book your shoot tan for 24 to 48 hours prior to your shoot. Book someone thats done shoot tanning before. ensure you ask the photographer if they have a recommended tan artist. dont do a home tan as you want your tan to be flawless and darker than normal.

  5. Pack a bag - you want to pack your outfits, shoes, hair comb or brush and hairspray. Body gloss, spray oil or moisturiser for that glowy glossy skin. Pack extra juicy lip gloss for touchups. Pack some shoot sugar treats like quick lollies or an energy drink for some pick me up if you need it.

MOST OF ALL have fun. let your inner QUEEENIE come out and SMILE SMILE SMILE .. xx

Written by Tracey-Kaye

My go to Photographers

Bec Hall Photography

Kopti Photography

Lauren Conway

My go to Tanner is now GOLDEN GLOW BY NATALIE

ANd of course I specialize in shoot glam packages for Fitness, lingerie, bikini, and everything in between.

Photos in Blog courtsey of Kopti Photography and Gem Ursino for Huntress Physiques

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