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DON'T BE LATE...... A bridal Makeup Artist and her 💍Timeline!!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Running late on your wedding day seems like it can be easy to do. and it is!! Its ok by "wedding expert' standards to be say 10 minutes late but.... imagine the thought of being 30 mins late because you didn't have a timeline for your Makeup and Hair on the day.

As a bridal Makeup artist its critical to give a Bride a timeline of events to allow them to best navigate their day. You'll want to allow so many factors when creating this timeline and todays lil blog is gonna give you guys a first hand look at how to create a bulletproof, NO ONE GETS LEFT behind. Heres my top 5 Tips to creating a timeline and an excellent way to give your Bride piece of mind on her special day.

  1. Allow time to set up your kit, lights, chat to the bridal party and clean brushes and kit in between each client.

  2. Ensure you know when the photographer is arriving, make sure most are done by this point especially the bride, if the photographer wants some Makeup images you can do some fake ones, which always turn out better rather than a half face being painted on.

  3. Create a timeline and send this to your bride a month or more before so she can converse with the bridal party and the hairstylist, this way you will have NO crossovers with say for example a bride requiring makeup and hair at the same time, this is NOT GOOD AT ALL!!! give yourself time for each person and ensure you allow just that touch more for a touch up before you leave.

  4. TIMELINE; I always ALWAYSSSSS put the bride somewhere in the middle but NEVER LAST. By the end the bride may start feeling the nerves kick in and this is when she should be sipping on champagne and enjoying the last few moments before getting into that beautiful gown. Normally i request the bride go second last or in the middle somewhere, BUT at the end of the day the Bride is the BOSS, if she would prefer to go last just ensure you have plenty of time for her to get dressed and enjoy!

  5. To make your day run smoother, faster, and time efficient. Have the timeline printed out and but names next to each timeslot (8.30am BM 1 Elise) this way you can know each person by first name basis and bonus you look professional AF.

There are so many pointers to making your Brides day the most amazing and special day ever. You are a BIG part of her day and really you've become a 5th or 6th extra Bridesmaid, as a makeup artist you have become an integral part of a Bridal Parties day and night you are more than just a brush and some makeup. Timelines are my Bestie on wedding day, i even ask when flowers will be delivered BC without fail theres a tear somewhere in the room when these rock up!

Thanks for reading

Happy Glamming and Happy wedding day out there



IG @traceykayemakeup

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